Something NEW is Coming

Since day one, Undrdog has been the silent force behind many detailing success stories.

We get the journey from starting up to hitting your first $100k, scaling to $500k, and soaring beyond to $1M. It’s a path of challenges and hurdles we know all too well.

You detailers are masters of your craft, growing your business through word-of-mouth and the quality of your work – which is nothing short of incredible! But scaling up? That requires a precision and predictability that only a well-tuned sales machine can offer. A funnel.

However, even the most tech-savvy among you can’t afford to spend time worrying about all the moving parts. There comes a point when handing off some tasks to consultants and agencies is not just necessary, it’s vital.

The catch? Many of these consultants and digital agencies just aren’t in tune with the daily grind of running a shop.

To put it bluntly, it often seems like they don’t care enough. Instead of offering comprehensive solutions, they leave you with a mix-and-match of services, forcing you to piece your way through it all.

Forget the patchwork approach. We’re building something better.

While we can’t spill the beans just yet, let’s just say we’ve been busy concocting something special. A solution that seamlessly integrates into your business, eliminating the Frankenstein monster of disjointed services.

Keep in the know!